Raef "Hollywood" Getting Ready for GenCon 2014

I’m in a GenCon State of Mind

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Okay so here is what is on my mind….. (Sing the Title to N.Y. State of Mind or even better “N.H.” State of Mind.)  Watch Here. Okay with GenCon launching for me next week, as I begin my odyssey with Olde Andy on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014.  I am getting excited for all things GenCon. […]

Craig's IG vs Matt's Marines

What’s Up, Hollywood?

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Howdy folks been a long while since I last wrote, but well that is not surprising. Thought I would drop you post on what has been going on and my thoughts on gaming and the like. First, really cool Articles (actually 2) on a game I really like, which is LOTR CCG by Fantasy Flight Games. […]